Heart Led Rebellion (single)

by Climbing PoeTree

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"Heart Led Rebellion," Climbing PoeTree's ballad about the unstoppable power of the people. Watch the music video:


released March 31, 2014

Written and performed by: Climbing PoeTree, Alixa and Naima
Music by: Bronze Candidate of Shining Soul
Engineered by: Alexander Dadras



all rights reserved


Climbing PoeTree Brooklyn, New York

Climbing PoeTree is the combined force of two boundary-breaking soul sisters who have sharpened their art as a tool for popular education, community organizing, and personal transformation. Alixa and Naima interweave spoken word, hip hop, and award-winning multimedia theater to expose injustice, channel hope into vision, and make a better future visible, immediate, and irresistible. ... more

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Track Name: Heart Led Rebellion
Por más guerra que nos echen,
mas golpes que nos peguen;
mas abierta está esta mente,
para combatir la destrucción.
Aunque nos llenan de mentiras
con hambre queda el alma,
silenciosa la violencia,
por eso es que se canta.
Que sigan disparando
el movimiento no se mata.
Nacimos en la noche
crecimos en la palma.

Somos humo,
de la boca de un ancestro
va flotando.
somos mano sanadoras,
sonrisas escondidas,
donde balas hacen zonas.

Somos peyote,
somos coyote,
somos estrellas,
somos tierra sin bandera,
somos maquinas,
somos lagrimas,

We are beautiful
we’re irrefutable
we are omnipotent
we’re militant, resilient
we’re autonomous
we are the consequence
we are consciousness

We are the heartbeat of every freedom fighter
who came before us and all who will come after

Alcatraz, Arab spring, one billion rising
freedom schools, the maroons, rebellion thriving
we been rising since the dawn of Creation sun
in the blood of our veins liberation runs

from Muhammed Ali to Sundiata and Assata
Rigoberta Menchu, Nkrumah to Zapata
Mahatma Gandhi, y Co-Madres daughters
and every activist of the global intifada

from lunch counter sit ins to million man marches
underground railroads, demonstrations, desert crossings
bodies on the line stopping amazon logging
Wangari’s greenbelt movement to community gardens

much love to the legacy of Harriet Tubman
alive in the veins of Patrisse Marie Cullors
high five to Palestine, and picket lines in Cochabamba
respect to Grace Lee Boggs, big up Detroit Summer!

shout out to hunger strikers in Pelican Bay
and the South Central Farmers representing LA
Can’t stop Immokolee or the Brown Berets
or Safe Streets, Strong Communities from making real change

Can’t stop freedom and we on the train
bound for glory, new story, going all the way
to the place where we can all attain
emancipation from oppression, break the chains

from Haiti to Tibet, and worldwide don’t forget
the resistance in our roots, and resilience in our breath
in the blood of our veins liberation runs
we are standing on the shoulders of the ancient ones

the power of the people
is louder than the evil
deceitful and coward
people in power

all power to the people
it’s the hour of the peaceful
freedom is ours, yeah
freedom is ours

En la sangre
un desierto
cruzando fronteras
como muerto
para que no pillen la luz
dentro del pecho.

El movimiento
es un techo
y casa de ladrillo,
ventana hacia el mañana
aunque no tenga vidrio.

Espiritu en carne viva
que nos maten cada día,

idea no se muere
con sangre inocente
ayahuasca en el vientre,
historia insurgente
Zapatista y profesora
estudiante y rebelde
buscando libertad
del sur al occidente
de Cuba hasta Chile
humano valiente
Latino Americano
del oriente Indigena
y extraña
alien residente,
somos billones
un movimiento independiente
buscando liberación
dentro del Corazón insurgente.

the power of the people
is louder than the evil
deceitful and coward
people in power

all power to the people
it’s the hour of the peaceful
freedom is ours, yeah
freedom is ours